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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-10-7


    Roadside stone mould is becoming more and more mature in our country's market, and new technology is constantly introduced. The precision and hardness of this kind of mould have made great progress. Roadside stone mould, which belongs to injection mould, has become a rare production technology in the market.


    The use of injection moulds has become a new fashion. The moulds are customized according to the size of customers. The injection moulds are mainly produced in batches. At the same time, the inner surface of this kind of moulds is smooth, which increases the surface smoothness of cement products and continuously increases the use of each kind of moulds.


    The material selection of the stone mould along the road has become the advantage of the market. For this kind of mould, the performance of the mould is the most critical requirement for the quality of the mould. The main advantage of our factory is its strong technical strength and innovative consciousness.



    Through hard work, our factory has successively introduced efficient moulds with high production efficiency, short cycle, safety and stability, no distortion, and good functions.



    At present, the design and manufacturing level of the roadside stone mould industry has been significantly improved, making full use of foreign advanced technology and process equipment, so that the starting point of the roadside stone mould is higher, and it has obvious advantages.

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