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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2023-6-23


    With the rapid development of China's economy and urban infrastructure, the demand for various building materials is increasing.


    Our country's investment in public facilities is very large. Urban renovation and new electric wires, cables and optical cables are no longer laid in the open air. Therefore, the demand for well covers is increasing, so the demand for well covers is also increasing.


    If we can master some practical use skills and reduce the wear resistance, it is an important way to improve the efficiency and improve the performance of the well cover die.



    After being used many times in the process of use, the residue in the die cavity is cleaned regularly with clean water, which can prolong the life of the die, maintain the original wear resistance and extrusion resistance.


    Before using, we should check whether the size and shape of the cavity of the well cover die meet our own use standard, so as to ensure that the plastic mould can be used to process zero error.


    When using mould to process cement well cover block, the brick processing material injected into mould cavity should not be excessive. Proper injection can improve the production accuracy and qualified rate. The unused manhole cover die should be placed separately during storage to ensure that it will not warp and deform after a long time of extrusion.

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