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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2023-11-16

    Cable tray mould is the main tool used to make subgrade cable tray. It is simple and convenient to operate and can meet a variety of manufacturing requirements. The quality of products will be affected by the quality of cable tray mould.


    Before production, professional designers need to design it to ensure that the shape of the produced products can meet the construction requirements. The prepared cable tray mold drawing shall be handed over to the processing workers of the factory. The workers use the CNC machine tool to cut the overall steel plate into panel and rib plate


    The main function of the panel is to fix the raw materials. In the process of natural air drying, it can maintain a certain shape, so that it can be formed according to the shape of the mold and can be used normally.


    The main function of rib plate is to weld on the panel to enhance the compressive capacity of the mold. It will not deform or even damage when pouring raw materials, and can maintain a good shape.


    After welding, the inner cavity needs to be polished, because only a smooth inner cavity can produce a product with flat surface, which will greatly improve the durability of the product.

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