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    發布人:管理員   發布時間:2023-12-5


    The characteristics of well cover mould is the dimension standard of well cover produced, which is suitable for use in residential areas, roads and other places. The steel mould of cement well cover is not limited by the dimension and shape. It can produce well cover of various sizes, strengthen the customization of various sizes, and select appropriate well cover to avoid unnecessary danger.


    Well cover mold is mainly used to generate cement well cover, which is mainly used to seal various underground facilities, such as: in order to solve this problem, composite cement well cover came into being.


    Well covers are mostly used in cities and towns, factories and mines, large-scale material distribution centers, etc., with different service conditions, corresponding service levels shall be determined, and corresponding well cover products shall be prepared according to different service conditions.



    It can not only meet the use requirements of various roads and sites, ensure the safety and reliability of the well cover in the use process, but also make the best use of materials to avoid resource waste and reduce the production and use costs of the well cover.


    .In order to meet the requirements of customers for product seriation and diversification, our company has established and improved the product structure, which is well received by the majority of users. Meanwhile, the auxiliary materials such as brightener, color fabric, etc. produced by our company have further enriched the product design of the production enterprise.

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